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See what a digital makeover could do for your business

Learn from the best coaches as they transform poorly performing tools into powerhouse systems

Coachbar events give you the opportunity understand the potential of modern technology for your business. When you attend, you'll hear about successful digital makeovers, and learn why these implementations were so successful versus the many implementations that fail. 

You'll also learn more about grants available exclusively from Coachbar to help fund your digital makeover!

What's in it for you?

Expect three exciting outcomes from Coachbar events

See what your software can achieve when implemented properly

See the software you purchased achieve its full potential when in the hands of experienced software consultants.​

When you watch software salespeople demonstrate software, everything looks very easy. So, why is it that when you try to implement software for your business everything becomes complicated? Now, you can see firsthand how to achieve great results from software experts, not salespeople.

Learn what rookie mistakes to avoid when implementing software

Hear from the experts on the most common implementation mistakes and what to do instead

The leaders and presenters at Coachbar events had implemented hundreds and hundreds of systems successfully. They've also cleaned up after countless botched implementations delivered by other people. What you will learn in a few minutes in a Coachbar meeting can save you thousands of dollars and serious headaches.

Get advice and tips on who successfully apply for Coachbar grants

We cover successful grant applications and tips in every Coachbar meeting. Join us and improve your chance of winning.

Coachbar grants are designed to give the grant winners the greatest opportunity and changes of shockingly great digital makeovers. Hear directly from the most experienced people and implementing software for businesses and from business owners and managers.

Join us at our next event

Up to $250,000  are available to fund the makeovers for the winning business owners

Four simple ways to improve your performance

Watch a Coachbar

See businesses turn their operating software challenges into superior results by finding perfect digital makeover coaches.

Join a Coachbar
special event

Learn from businesses who have completed successful digital makeovers and meet their coaches.

Get an expert
on your team

The right software consultant will help you select, implement and improve the software you need to make your business successful. It's how you get skyrocketing results for low risk.

Apply for a digital makeover grant

Win the chance to present your pitch to expert coaches. Become famous, funded, and successful with your digital makeover all at once.

Be the first to know

Get privileged intel on new opportunities to participate in events and contests, and immediate access to new resources

Why businesses choose Coachbar


Get access to new investors and chances to win funding for your business.


The right software coach can completely change the game for your business.

Coachbar publications

Take advantage of the rigorous work of our analysis that put in countless hours to find the best software systems.

Avoid making rookie mistakes

Get it right first time, and stop wasting time and money on ‘learning experiences'.

Get insights on software
implementation trends and more.