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Technology roadmaps to enhance performance

Coachbar analysts will help you write your technology roadmaps, navigate the dizzying variety of software applications, create successful implementation plans, and connect you with experienced, vetted implementation consultants. Enjoy better-performing software systems for less money and less work than doing it all by yourself.

With Coachbar's assistance, you'll get
great results and avoid 3 common problems

We've discovered that software system implementations by businesses deliver 5x better results when software consultants are engaged. We call these digital makeovers. We're on a mission to propel 100K digital makeovers for small and medium businesses.

Problem #1



33% of businesses that self- implement accounting, inventory, eCommerce, CRM and ERP systems WITHOUT software consultants rate their self-implementations as failures.

Problem #2



55% of business that attempt to self-implement completely give up on the software in less than 12 months and cancel their subscriptions, and are back to the starting line.

Problem #3



78% of businesses that suffer a failed implementation give up on the software they were going to use. They start over from the beginning and hope it works out.

This doesn't have to happen to you

We created Coachbar to improve the outcomes of business software investments by improving software selection and implementation planning, together with accelerating the awareness, availability, and use of software coaches and implementation experts.

Coachbar business analysts will help you develop your technology roadmap and connect with the
right software and consultants

How Coachbar works

You tell us about your business, the tools, and systems you’re using now, and where you want to go.

Step 1. Implementation planning

Step 2. Introductions to very qualified implementation consultants

We connect you with an experienced business analyst who will help you find the best software system and connect you with a coach who meets your needs

You meet your coaches, select the right one, and start your project.

Step 3. You choose the best consultant for the software you're implementing

Step 4. Growth

Enjoy the growth you were meant to have before the wrong software held you back - and share your story to empower others!

Our services

Our services enable businesses to avoid implementation risks and achieve superior results from their software purchases.


Enjoy successful software implementations by expert consultants

Discover the easy way for businesses to achieve their goals and realize superior value from their software and systems investments.
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Start getting much larger payoffs from your software investments

Be the receive tools for implementation planning, new software grants, events, resources, and insights

Get insights on software
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