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How you implement your system can make all the difference

Our latest research and thinking on the issues and determining factors that matter most to successful versus failed software implementations.

Software implementation success rates for 2023

Latest research and thinking
for businesses

1,500 businesses reported on the success or failure of their software implementations in 2022. Eighteen different system implementations were surveyed, including Netsuite, Dynamics, Brightpearl, Linnworks, Cin7 Core (formerly DEAR), Cin7 Omni, Fishbowl, and KatanaMRP.

Each business was asked how successful their software implementation was, and if they hired a software consultant to implement it. The charts below show the failure and success rates for each of the 18 systems. The data was collected in January 2023 from retailers, manufacturers, and distributors with 5 to 199 employees.


Self-implemented without expert software consultants

Rated as successful or
very successful implementations
Rated as failed
Software system self- and assisted implementation success rates

Nine systems had self-implementation including assistance from software publishers below 57% to as low as 0%. Only 3 systems had success rates of 83% or above. Find out which systems are hard to successfully self-implement in the report.

Implemented by expert software consultants

Rated as successful or
very successful implementations
Rated as failed
Success rates for software system implementations by expert software consultants

When software consultants are engaged for the implementations, 13 systems had success rates of 83%. Only 1 system had an implementation success rate of 60% or below. Find out which systems have the highest implementation success rates in the report.


Criteria used to select implementation consultants

Selection criteria used by businesses to decide which software consultant to hire

Get the report to get all the details including the selection criteria used by businesses with the most successful implementations.

Important selection criteria to focus on

1. Level of multisystem implementation expertise

The most important criteria used to select software implementation consultants is the depth of experience in the combination of software businesses are thinking of using.

3. Ability to communicate and engage

The most important criteria used to select software implementation consultants is the ability to engage, collaborate and train across the full spectrum from front-line users to the CEO and leadership team.

4. Clearly articulated implementation methodology

Another important criteria is the consultant's ability to articulate the implementation plan, including why it is right for the business.

6. Ability to provide implementation delivery options

Another important criteria is ability for the consultant to work onsite, if needed — or to work remotely, if the business prefers. Or, deliver the implementation and training in a hybrid combination.

Latest research and thinking
for software consultants

Criteria used to decide whether to become an implementer for a software provider

2023 research results of the criteria software consultants use to pick software companies to partner with

Question asked: What are the 3 most important criteria your business applies when deciding to invest and join into a partnership with a software publisher?

Important evaluation criteria to focus on

#1. High quality partner portal / enablement

Partner offers high quality sales and marketing materials along with product and technical specs, with new updates and market content made available on a regular basis.

#2. Compelling customer stories

Clear, compelling and comprehensive customer case studies along with documentation for migrating customers to the software publisher solution.

#3. Competitive margins for revenue sharing

Competitive discounts / margins for on-going revenue sharing for sourcing new customers for the publisher

#4. Dedicated technical support for partners

Competitive discounts / margins for on-going revenue sharing for sourcing new customers for the publisher


Software consultant feedback and engagement with software providers

We surveyed 750 software consulting firms to find out which are the best software providers to invest in partnering with.

The 16 bubbles on the chart above indicate how well each software provider partner program is doing on two dimensions. Letter A designates Microsoft's partner program which is a large and highly engaged community. The information presented is taken from data collected from 750 US strategy and implementation consulting firms in January 2023. Get the full report to see the details.

Latest research and thinking
for software providers


How mature is your indirect channel strategy and partner program for software implementation consultants?

Ad hoc - Direct sales focused

We’ve built up our approach over time by making a few changes each year

Opportunistic with consultants

We’ve improved some partner program elements and left the
others untouched

Repeatable - basic partner program

We’ve focused on what worked last year / prior years and we've adjusted to reduce cost and increase deals from partners

Managed indirect channel

We routinely review, surface, prioritize, and make changes to make our indirect channel more efficient and productive

Optimized orchestration strategy and program for consultants

We systematically improve our results by improving our partner program, indirect channel, and partner focused sales activities to improve the flow of new customers and successful implementations

Find out how to increase your revenue, customers, and partner network using proven strategies and tactics that can be executed within 30 to 45 days. Book a meeting with our indirect channel experts.

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This information was collected in January 2023 from 1,500 SMBs. SMBs are defined as businesses with 5 to 200 employees. In addition, 750 businesses that implement software as software consultants and/or business strategy and execution firms were surveyed in January 2023. This information was collected by Markettiers4dc, a distinguished business research firm.

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