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Get more ideal new customers

Get more high-quality referrals so you don’t waste time with businesses that can’t afford your services or want services you don't provide

Coachbar plans and pricing for software consultants

You set the priorities. We deliver for you.

Unique verification and qualifications of referrals by Coachbar business analysts and automation. Use credits to accelerate your business growth across the full cycle.





Starter Plan

10 plan credits

$1,500 USD / year

(available to 1st-time customers only)

Buy now, pay after we deliver:
$1,800 USD

Add-on credits:

$2,500 for 5 credits

Connect Plan

20 plan credits

$6,000 USD / year

($300 per credit)

Buy now, pay after we deliver:
$7,200 USD

Add-on credits:
$1,750 for 5 credits

Build Plan

40 plan credits

$10,750 USD / yr

($269 per credit)

Buy now, pay after we deliver:
$12,900 USD

Add-on credits:
$1,500 for 5 credits

Amplify Plan

40 plan credits

$20,750 USD / yr

($259 per credit)

Buy now, pay after we deliver:
$24,900 USD

Add-on credits:
$1,250 for 5 credits

Using credits



Collaboration meeting to design your Coachbar service plan

0 included with all subscriptions

A Coachbar account manager works with you to develop your Service plan and push the initiatives to completion.

Collaboration to write and publish your Coachbar Directory listing


A Coachbar subject-matter, marketing expert works with you to populate and publish your Coachbar directory listing before it goes live and is visible to businesses seeking software implementation consultants.

Collaboration to write, publish, and promote your Coachbar Directory listing


Everything in the standard listing option plus we introduce you to all businesses that are active on our platform with a New to Coachbar email featuring you and your listing.



Universal directory listing

0 included with all subscriptions
Build a brand presence and reach new clients with your universal directory listing on Coachbar and selected software partner directories. Get reviews and share content in one place, and be found in multiple partner directories of relevant Software Providers and Coachbar’s website.

Coachbar platform capabilities

0 included with all subscriptions

Manage your directory listing, your service offerings, specializations, and connect with referrals. Build credibility with customer reviews, share your marketing collateral, connect with referrals and track the progress.

System integration


Integrate your systems to the Coachbar platform to provide easy, efficient management, incentive management, and reporting for your partner channel. Two credits per integration implemented by the Coachbar team. For instance, integration to your Hubspot and Slack.



Written case study

Up to 2,000-word written case study for your website and inclusion in the Coachbar case study gallery. Includes customer/channel interview, write-up, copywriting, and images – website publishing-ready.

Your sales pitch explainer video – why you and why now


Get a 2 minute video explaining how your software consulting helps businesses achieve their goals with technology, and explaining why they should buy your services now – website and YouTube publishing ready.

Video case study


Professionally edited client interview case study, up to 5 minutes. Includes customer/channel interview, video-editing, copywriting, images, and video polishing – website and YouTube publishing ready.

Video sales pitch series


Receive a 3 video series (up to 75 seconds each) about how to stand out from other software consultants including why you, why now, and how you deliver exceptional results for businesses.



Verified ICP-fit customer referral

Vetted and scored customer referrals that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP). Includes referral scoring based on software applications, implementation budget, industry, size, location, and other factors. Referrals have spoken with a Coachbar business analyst.

Customer lead, not yet verified


Businesses that have provided their information to Coachbar about their needs for software consulting and other information that have not yet been verified by a Coachbar business analyst.

Lead verification and scoring - fractional SDR service


People that have provided their information on a webform on your website. Coachbar has applied its business verification, engaged Coachbar analysts, and dynamically scored for ICP-fit. Coachbar takes care of the lead qualification, allowing your team to focus on higher value activities including closing more deals and increasing customer lifetime values. Inquiries that do not fit within your ICP are re-routed within the Coachbar network.

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