Tropeaka gets the perfect system for efficient, scale, and happier customers

Tropeaka had good software, but they needed optimized integrations to manufacture, fulfill and ship as fast as possible to provide the best possible customer experience.

The Project Team

Account Manager, Waypoint Rhys Bennett

  • Worked closely with Tropeaka to map existing operational processes
  • Ironed out discrepancies between Shopify, Cin7 Core, and Starshipit
  • Helped create optimized processes to maintain stock levels, and implement detailed reporting

“I’d say we’ve made a significant difference to Tropeaka’s business.”

Director, Tropeaka Caleb Marshall

  • Tropeaka provide a range of health, wellness and beauty products
  • Tropeaka director Caleb Marshall championed the Cin7 Core implementation at Tropeka
  • Working with Waypoint provided Caleb with peace of mind through having a partner he can rely on

“We have a great partner in Waypoint”

Clonakilla Wine realizes a solution dreamed of for a decade

Tradegecko's sunset put Clonakilla in need of SMB Consultants' help once again

The Project Team

General Manager and Sales & Marketing Director, Clonakilla David Reist

  • Looks after every single aspect of wine sales at Clonakilla
  • Oversaw the first ERP implementation for Clonakilla wine before the new millennium
  • Led the implementation of Cin7, liaising with SMB Consultants, implementing a much-needed holistic ERP.

“Our focus is on making great wine and getting it out there, so the more we can do that, the better off we are. And we can, thanks to SMB Consultants.”

Skyphonez creates a superior omni-channel system with new ERP and achieves 900% ROI

Skyphonez works with SMB Consultants to make Cin7 Omni the perfect ERP solution for their growing business

The Project Team

Founder, SMB Consultants Jeff Atizado

  • Met Stephen and completed initial scope and solution
  • Ensured that the main considerations of the project were met
  • Delivered a solution that was outside of the box but provided measurable improvement to the client

“This was a great case of thinking outside the box”

Operations Manager, Skyphonez Stephen Gill

  • Initiated the project with SMB Consultants to find an ERP solution via WAT workshops
  • Championed and implemented Cin7 Omni at his end of the business
  • Saved thousands of dollars and hundreds of work hours with the Cin7 Omni implementation

“After working with SMB Consultants, for some jobs, 120 hours per week have been saved (Approximately 6000 hours saved per year.) Around 15 employees have saved a couple of hours a day (approximately 7800 employee hours saved per year.)”

Xero Integration Specialist, SMB Consultants Joy Moore

  • Integration of Cin7 and Xero, alternate GL codes and tax rates
  • Accounting reconciliation workflow implementation
  • Ongoing support with the accounting team

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