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We’ve built the ultimate partner channel performance platform.

The only tool to activate, engage, grow, and track your partner channel—all in one place.

One Partner Relationship Manager
to rule them all

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Ready, set, launch…your channel partner program!

Coachbar’s world class partner portal makes onboarding (and showing off) new partners a snap! Our PRM includes access to our built-in white-label directory. Partner discovery? Done and done. 

Plus, since the portal is a shared platform across all our providers, you’ll enjoy the benefit of the Coachbar network effect.



Partners are a long-term investment—and our portal makes sure your investment pays off. From learning modules, to certifications, to gamified rewards, Coachbar elevates your partners’ experience.

Designed by seasoned experts, your portal will keep your partners coming back for more—more leads, more learning, and more rewards!



Good data leads to good strategy, great data leads to optimized strategy.

Coachbar will shine a light on which partners are responsible for your best retention, alongside reports on partner segmentation, performance, and lead tracking. We provide a dashboard full of actionable insights so you can unlock the full potential of your partner program.

Want to track all of your people in one place? Boost your efficiency by using our native CRM integration.



We’re more than just a software—Coachbar is an ecosystem with the exact balance of elements your business needs to flourish.

A normal PRM doesn’t send vetted, qualified referrals directly to your inbox, or offer custom content, research, and assets to give you a competitive edge. At Coachbar, we do it all (and more.)

Coachbar was created to help you win. Let’s grow together.

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