• Doug LaBahn
  • 07 September, 2023
  • Reading Time: 5 minutes
7 Reasons your business needs a Coachbar business analyst
Reading Time: 5 minutes

So you’re thinking about implementing new software in your business. All you need to do is find the right software and start using it, right?

It’s not quite that simple. With thousands of software options on the market, figuring out which tools are right for your business can be overwhelming. 

And since software is one of your business’s largest operating expenses and the cost and effort required to implement new software is high, it’s crucial to get it right the first time. 

That’s where Coachbar business analysts come in. 

We’ll make sure you choose the right software or ERP system for your needs and help you with a seamless and optimal implementation plan. 

But if you’re not convinced a business analyst can offer you real value, here are seven important benefits you won’t want to miss out on.

The biggest hurdle when choosing the right software for your business’s needs is figuring out your business requirements and analyzing which system best fits your business best. 

There are hundreds of options for almost every part of your business, from marketing and sales to accounting and warehousing, retail POS and commerce and an infinite number of ways to integrate software applications. Since it’s a significant investment, you want to choose the right system the first time. 

At Coachbar, our team of business analysts have deep knowledge and understanding of business functional areas and the most successfully implemented software. If you’re unsure which software is right for your needs, Coachbar business analysts give you significant insights and advice to help you make the best selection and pair you with the right software consultant to help with implementation. 

We’ve worked in a range of industries and helped clients with everything from the best accounting software to improved marketing systems. You let us know what you’d like to achieve in your business, and we’ll recommend the right software and implementation expert for the job for today and in the future.

Tailored Recommendations

Software providers do a great job at advertising and making their tools look perfect for almost any business. But that doesn’t mean any software will help you achieve your goals. More importantly, it doesn’t usually mention what’s required to implement the software, train users, and really use the system. 

Coachbar's software analysts make personalized recommendations based on your needs, budget, industry, and customer expectations. We take into account functionality, scalability, and integration capabilities to ensure that we recommend an app stack and software coach that meets your specific requirements.

From the best tech stack for Shopify stores to the most efficient configuration for manufacturing, we know the software, and we can help you make the right decisions. We work together to develop your IT roadmap, so you know which applications to put in place first, what apps should follow that, and how to invest in technology over the next 12 to 36 months.

Time Savings

Did you know that 78% of businesses that implement new software end up abandoning it and starting over with something new they think will work better? There are so many options on the market; it’s too easy to pick something that’s not quite right for your business. And, one out of every three self-implementation projects are a failure – dead on arrival.

You’d need to spend hours researching the numerous software possibilities, but who’s got the time? Our business analysts simplify the process by providing you with a tailored shortlist of potential solutions. Plus, our team will tell you how to bullet-proof your software implementation project to avoid risk of failure and achieve successful deployment and use. You’ll benefit from the successes of other businesses to implement software in the right order to get the fastest results.

You won’t have to worry about assessing each software’s features and benefits; we’ll show you the best options on the market so you can devote your time and attention to more important tasks.

Wise Recommendations

We are an independent platform with a single-minded purpose and true north. Our purpose is to do everything we can to enable businesses to successfully implement new systems which replace their antiquated and overly manual systems. We’ve set out to achieve 100,000 successful digital software makeovers.  We run our platform with passion to find the best systems that are most successfully implemented, ensuring you get the best tools for  your needs that have the highest chances of successful implementation, training, and efficient use. 

Many software providers have implementation as part of their service, but they are incentivized to focus internally on their software rather than across your entire system of software applications, or system grid as we call it. If you’ve ever heard a software support team tell you that the issue you are experiencing is not their software’s issue and to go elsewhere for help, you have experienced this issue firsthand. Fundamentally, we believe that you want an end-to-end system that works and do not want to be told by support times that it’s not their problem.

With Coachbar, our analysts think about what you want – an end-to-end system that works beautifully together – as they tell you plainly if there are any software options you’re considering that simply won’t work well as an well integrated system for your business model or that are extremely difficult and risky to implement. Afterall, we believe you want the system to work well for your business, not just look great in software provider sales demos. Our purpose is to get you across the often treacherous ravine from buying software to smoothly running your business using the software.

Real Customer Implementation Success Stories

We are proud of what we do and have many implementation success stories to share with our new clients. With each of our recommendations, we can share real-life success stories, giving you insight into the experience of other users. 

While building our platform, we analyzed data on over 10,000 businesses. We wanted to make sure we had concrete stats and evidence to back up every recommendation and analysis we make, and we’re confident that you’ll find value in our data.

Cost Optimization

One of the most important tasks of implementing new software is cost optimization. Any software should improve upon current systems to save you and your staff time, money, and headaches. 

By considering your budget and specific needs, our business analysts can recommend cost-effective solutions without unnecessary frills. This helps you optimize your software & implementation spending so you can make a financially sound decision.

Our analysts will ask you about your budget before giving recommendations, and we’ll always do our best to find quality solutions that fit within your budget. We’re different from everyone else because we care a lot about software implementation costs and what you can do to ensure your implementation is successful the first time.

Ongoing Support

Our Business Analysts specialize in working with small and medium size businesses. You can access our newsletter and future events, receive recommendations, and benefit from our expert suggestions for a lifetime without incurring any costs.

We’re passionate about helping SMBs, and our goal is to propel 100K digital makeovers by treating every customer with the same care we apply when we’re working on our own software system internally. We are constantly sharing tips, advice, and support to help our clients grow and thrive, and reach their business goals.

Ready to Get Started?

We know how valuable your time is, which is why we have simplified the process of finding the most suitable software implementation consultant along with the right software system or app stack for your business. 

Get in touch with our business analysts today, tell us a little bit about your business and software needs, and we’ll help you get 5x better results from your new software.


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