• Doug LaBahn
  • 27 July, 2023
  • Reading Time: 3 minutes
The two most impactful ways to improve the odds of a successful ERP implementation
Reading Time: 3 minutes

In 2023, businesses which hired a software consultant to implement their new ERP or business system achieved a 85% success rate. Whereas, businesses that self-implemented including receiving paid or free assistance from software providers achieved only a 67% implementation success rate.

With 33% of self-implementation rated as failures by the business versus 15% failures for software consultant implementations, the failure rate of self-implementations is more than 2 times higher than when a software consultant is hired. The chart below shows the success rates of 18 ERP, inventory management, and mission-critical business systems.

The second way to improve the success rate of your new system implementation is to pick one of the systems with high implementation rates.

For example, 9 of the 18 self-implemented systems have success rates of 56% or lower which means for these 9 systems failure rates are 43% or higher. For obvious reasons, you would be wise to think twice before attempting your own self implementation.

A wise choice of systems is also important for implementations by software consultants, even though your odds of success are better overall. For example, 5 of the systems had success rates of 75% or lower which means at least 25% of the attempted implementations failed. Unless you like taking risks, you would be wise to carefully consider implementing these systems even if you hire an expert software consultant.

We provide software systems by success rate categories below so you can see the details and use the information to improve your odds of a successful implementation.

With the knowledge of the two most impactful ways to improve the odds of your implementation success, you’re very well positioned to be successful with your digital makeover, system replacement, or new system implementation.

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About the findings

The information you read above was based upon a January 2023 survey of 1,500 retailers, manufacturers, and distributors which asked for their assessment of their software implementations in 2022, the prior year. The study participants were carefully selected to be decision makers for software in businesses with 5 to 199 employees.


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