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Eligibility guidelines for business software cash grants

Please refer to the information below to know about our eligibility guidelines cash back grants for qualifying software purchases.

Coachbar cash grants for businesses include

Cash grants to aid your purchase of new software​​

Up to $3,500 to pay for qualifying software purchases for your digital transformation project. 

Expert assistance from Coachbar analysts

Our expert analysts will help you identify the right software for your business requirements.

Introductions to software implementation experts

Our experts analysts will provide you a short list of software implementation consultants best-fit for your new system implementation.

What software purchases do not qualify?

Cash back on existing subscriptions

Only purchases of new software with the Coachbar grant designation in our software selection page are eligible for cash grants.

Self-implementation projects

We believe that businesses that hire software implementation consultants enjoy greater success. Consequently, we provide cash grants to only aid what works best – hiring software coaches.

Implementations by consultants not listed

We believe that the quality of the software implementation team matters a lot. Consequently, we provide cash grants to only aid businesses that work with software consultants listed in our directory of well vetted consultants. 

How does the software cash grant work?

Select the software you want to starting using

Find the software program or programs you are thinking of purchasing on our software selection page. You can start your grant application on that page, or you can ask our Coachbar analysts to assist you.

Fill out a brief software grant application

You need to answer a couple questions which usually takes only a minute or two. Then, we review your application quickly notify you of the status of your application and when you are approved.

Have your software consultant confirm your purchase

To avoid dishonest people taking advantage of our grants, we require that your software implementation consultant answer a couple questions. If everything checks out okay, you will receive your cash grant as a transfer into your bank account.

Frequently asked questions

No. Only businesses based in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand are eligible now. We will review and expand the list on the 2nd of December 2023. Please apply regardless of your location as it will help us know what countries to include next.

Yes. Your software must be implemented by software consultants listed in our directory in order to qualify for the cash grant. Software implemented by consultants not listed in our directory are not eligible for cash grants. As a result, we encourage you to ask your software consultant to get listed in Coachbar, if they are not already listed.

No. Coachbar cash grants are only for new software purchases. New purchases are defined as software purchased after the date you start your Coachbar cash grant application.

Start your cash grant application by talking with a Coachbar analyst

Find out the best options for your business in a quick 20 minute conversation.

Pick a time that works best for your schedule.

Get insights on software
implementation trends and more.