Skyphonez creates a superior omni-channel system with new ERP and achieves 900% ROI

Skyphonez works with SMB Consultants to make Cin7 Omni the perfect ERP solution for their growing business

The Project Team

Founder, SMB Consultants Jeff Atizado

  • Met Stephen and completed initial scope and solution
  • Ensured that the main considerations of the project were met
  • Delivered a solution that was outside of the box but provided measurable improvement to the client

“This was a great case of thinking outside the box”

Operations Manager, Skyphonez Stephen Gill

  • Initiated the project with SMB Consultants to find an ERP solution via WAT workshops
  • Championed and implemented Cin7 Omni at his end of the business
  • Saved thousands of dollars and hundreds of work hours with the Cin7 Omni implementation

“After working with SMB Consultants, for some jobs, 120 hours per week have been saved (Approximately 6000 hours saved per year.) Around 15 employees have saved a couple of hours a day (approximately 7800 employee hours saved per year.)”

Xero Integration Specialist, SMB Consultants Joy Moore

  • Integration of Cin7 and Xero, alternate GL codes and tax rates
  • Accounting reconciliation workflow implementation
  • Ongoing support with the accounting team

IVE eliminates manual errors, duplicate tasks, and lost time

Melbourne-based IVE have won back time to grow their business, thanks to support and custom API development from Waypoint, who've seamlessly integrated Cin7 Core with the rest of IVE's software stack.

The Project Team

Managing Director, Waypoint Dan Fairbairn

  • Worked end-to-end with IVE, from initial scope to implementation and onboarding.

Managing Director, IVE Brendon Rowse

  • Developed the technical requirements of the project collaboratively with Waypoint.
  • Managed key internal staff, bringing their voices to the project as stakeholders

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